Richard V. Colan


Richard V. Colan, M.D.

Dr. Richard V. Colan specializes in Pediatric Neurology and has been in private practice for more than thirty-nine years., and he has been a member of IPN for more than twenty-three years. Dr. Colan completed his pre-med studies at the University of Illinois, Phi Beta Kappa and earned his medical degree in Pennsylvania State University, Hershey. He completed his Fellowship at University of Alabama Children’s Hospital in pediatrics, neurology, and child neurology in 1979. He was board-certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 1980, board-certified by the American Academy of Psychiatry and Neurology with special competence and child neurology in 1982. Dr. Colon is currently a member of the Newborn Care Physicians of Southeast Wisconsin, specializing in newborn neurology.


Why I joined IPN

Dr. Colan originally joined IPN in order to participate in a high-quality, affordable medical care system in Southeast Wisconsin to and to build his referral practice in general pediatric neurology. Membership in IPN provides Dr. Colan with better opportunities for networking and working with other physicians in the region.

In this climate of a rapidly evolving medical environment, Dr. Colan notes that IPN provides an essential stabilizing factor through its timely and accurate information, educational resources, guidance, and support. In such a climate, independent physicians may face isolation and confusion, and IPN helps navigate through these changes to maintain affordable, high-quality care as part of the overall picture in order to serve a broad range of patients and their families. In short, every independent physician can benefit from involvement with IPN.


Why You should Join IPN

Dr. Colan’s continued membership is due in part to IPN’s strong, stable leadership and business prowess that has prospered in the ever-changing medical climate many independent physicians find unfavorable. With its creative, hard-working leaders and highly-involved, intelligent members, IPN offers independent physicians the best opportunities for growth, security, relevance, and long-term success while maintaining their autonomy.


The stability of IPN is an essential part of quality of life in medical practice
and long-term success.

Image: Richard V. Colan, M.D., Director at Independent Physicians Network

Richard V. Colan, M.D.


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