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Member Services

Member Services

IPN offers many services to our member physicians. All of our services are intended to help member physicians grow their practice, provide the highest quality of patient care available, and be the best physicians they can be.


For over 25 years, IPN’s member physicians and their patients have experienced the benefit from IPN’s value based partnerships with commercial, Medicare and Medicaid payers which are designed to improve quality and control health care costs. By sharing the responsibility for the care of patients, IPN provides benefits for the overall success of all member physicians’ practices.

The most important function of IPN is still the reason why it was initially formed: to bring together independent physicians to manage a population of patients under a common payer agreement. Together through IPN, independent physicians participate in a variety of highly successful Commercial, Medicaid and Medicare value-based programs. These agreements allow IPN physicians to work together as a group to manage large populations of patients, which results in better patient outcomes, higher quality of care, lower costs to contracted payers and patients, and increased revenues to IPN physicians.

With ever-changing government rules and regulations, IPN’s highly-trained staff constantly monitors and informs members of all regulations required to satisfy the requirements for independent physician practices, which offers independent physicians peace of mind. IPN’s Accountable Care Organization (ACO) allows independent practitioners to be rewarded by Medicare for practicing cost effective, high quality medicine.

IPN brings value to independent practices by participating in and succeeding in value based contracts with major insurance carriers and meeting pay for performance targets supporting the bottom line of practices.

Value Added Services/Insurance

IPN provides a plethora of benefits to member physicians which are designed to lower the administrative costs in running an independent practice.

Preventive Medicine

The most successful treatment for any ailment is to prevent it in the first place, and that’s why preventive medicine is IPN’s central focus. We encourage patients to take an active role in their personal wellness, and strive to teach them how to do it. We require our physicians to practice preventive medicine, stressing the importance of regular check-ups and healthy lifestyles.


IPN utilizes a proprietary system to exceed NCQA standards for credentialing its member physicians. With IPN, there is neither a fee for credentialing nor recredentialing services, to become an IPN member, or a contracted provider. Applications to become an IPN member physician, contracted provider, or to be recredentialed through IPN, are presented to and reviewed by the Credentialing Committee for Recommendation to the IPN Board of Directors.

Utilization Management

The IPN network provides a variety of utilization management services for each of its contracted payers – including referral management, inpatient and outpatient authorization services, concurrent review, discharge planning, chart review, and disease management.

Quality Measures/Improvement

IPN’s Quality Improvement Program is a comprehensive program incorporating processes related to health care delivery and service to its enrollees. Its purpose is to monitor, evaluate, and improve the provision of quality healthcare services, to ensure patient safety, and to increase enrollee access to medical services.

Network Development

IPN’s broad, multi-specialty network consists of more than 600 high-quality member physicians and more than 500 high quality contracted providers, including podiatrists, chiropractors, oral surgeons, optometrists, and other mid-level practitioners..

Find a Job with an IPN Provider Practice

IPN is a physician network located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Click the links below to discover job opportunities available to well-qualified candidates at IPN Provider Practices.

Practice Management Services

The Board of Directors undertook a strategic initiative to provide Practice Management Services to our members. This continued commitment provides readily available practice resources for our physicians and their staff.

Practice Management services support our member practices in a variety of ways. We can assist you with our internal consulting resources and tools as well as sharing our business relationships with preferred vendors. Our team has years of hands on experience working with and in physician practices and have up to date knowledge to research, identify and provide solutions for you to stay viable and competitive in today’s market.

Our Services Include:

  • Practice Assessments & Project Plan Development
    • New Practice Start Up
    • Management & Operations
    • EMR & Revenue Cycle Management
    • Human Resources & Staffing Assessments
    • Compliance Plans & Policy Development
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business Development

Members can contact us and we will coordinate a courtesy project discussion that will determine the needs of the project and match the resources that will be dedicated for support.

IPN offers the tools and resources that allow physicians to maintain their independence and focus on what they do best: practice medicine.

For more information regarding Practice Management Services, contact Sarah Zwiefelhofer, Director of Practice Management at IPN at (414)259-2061 or via email at


Benefits of IPN Membership

For many of IPN’s member physicians, being an independent provider is a very important aspect of their practice. Being a member of IPN offers security and strength of numbers of the collective group that is hard to come by for the typical independent physician or independent physician group. Bringing its collective group of physicians together also gives IPN and its physicians the ability to partner with payers under value based contracts which is something they cannot do on their own due to the smaller patient panels of each physician/clinic as well as the lack of the necessary infrastructure needed to perform under these types of contracts.

IPN’s active and involved Board of Directors designs, implements and monitors programs which assist member physicians with the various clinical and administrative processes and tools needed to succeed in value based care. Since IPN is a nonprofit, physician led, physician driven company, IPN’s successes and corresponding rewards are passed through to its members. Our member physicians recommend IPN to other independent physicians because IPN allows them to further their own practices and maintain their independence.

IPN holds annual IPN Member Physician/Office Manager meetings to update members on the status of IPN’s contracted health plans, IPN’s clinical and quality initiatives and IPN’s other value added programs.

As IPN continues to grow into the model and organization of choice for all independent practitioners, its increased market size and continued success in value based agreements help insure that independent physicians remain relevant in any healthcare delivery forum.

To experience the benefits of a network of likeminded, independent physicians, IPN invites you to apply today.

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