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Anthony A. Rieder


Anthony A. Rieder, M.D.

Dr. Anthony A. Rieder has been in practice for thirteen years and specializes in otolaryngology and sleep medicine at  Otolaryngology and Sleep Medicine Associates, and he has been a member of IPN for thirteen years. Dr. Rieder completed his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at South Dakota State University and received his medical degree at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.


Why I joined IPN

Dr. Rieder strongly believes that physicians should be able to practice medicine independently without undue influences from outside administrations or organizations. Through the support of IPN’s network, physicians see the benefit of being allowed to practice medicine with innovation and independence. Particularly, Dr. Rieder has found that one of the benefits of joining IPN is that it has afforded him not only the support of like-minded independent physicians but also the platform to offer support to other independent physicians and providers. Through this support, Dr. Rieder and others have found the confidence to pursue ventures outside of traditional hospital partnerships and collaborations.


Why You should Join IPN

Dr. Rieder continues to recommend IPN to independent physicians and providers who want to maintain their independence and practice strategies. IPN’s forward-thinking leadership recognizes the importance of a strong, independent physician marketplace. Through this leadership, IPN member physicians and contracted providers are offered solutions that allow them to maintain their independence as well as their financial viability. Dr. Rieder maintains that by joining IPN, independent practitioners receive the collaborative assistance of the entire organization through better contracting and support strategies. IPN provides its members with resources and educational tools that may be difficult or cost-prohibitive for individual members to obtain. With support from independent physicians like Dr. Rieder and the rest of IPN’s leadership, IPN continues to grow into the model and organization of choice for all independent practitioners. Whether the discussion is local, regional, or national, IPN’s increased market leverage and contracting abilities are relevant in any healthcare delivery forum.


I believe IPN and its leadership share the same vision and recognize the importance of a strong independent physician marketplace.

Anthony Rieder, M.D.

Anthony A. Rieder, M.D.



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