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Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine

At IPN, we believe that our mission statement demonstrates our member physicians’ commitment to focus we believe the most successful treatment for any ailment is to prevent it in the first place, and that’s why on preventive medicine. IPN works with its physicians by engaging members to take an active role in their own wellness and teaching them the importance of it.

Better physicians provide better patient care, and IPN’s assistance helps its physicians to be their best and to focus on providing exemplary preventive patient care. To improve patient outcomes, preventive medicine and care is vital.

Because we strongly believe that the most successful treatment is prevention, IPN highly encourages our member physicians’ involvement in that process. By working together with our independent member physicians to implement patient outreach programs, IPN helps to identify and proactively insure that patients are treated more effectively.

In the name of preventive medicine, IPN takes many actions to improve the overall wellness of patients and lower healthcare costs to all members of the community, including the underinsured and underserved.

IPN’s team approach identifies patients to increase and engages them to actively take part in   preventive services.

Preventive Medicine Patient Goals:

  • Promote transitions of care
  • Improve treatment of chronic diseases
  • Identify high-risk diagnoses

In helping increase individual patients’ knowledge and access to preventive medicine, IPN’s independent member physicians are working together to strengthen the health of its community at large.


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