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Network Development

Network Development


IPN’s broad multi-specialty network consists of more than 600 high-quality member physicians and more than 500 high quality contracted providers including podiatrists, chiropractors, oral surgeons, optometrists, therapists, nurses and physician assistants in southeastern Wisconsin. The network development difference comes from the fact that IPN is a physician-led and physician-driven company.

Many members have joined IPN because it is an organization that unifies medical practitioners with other likeminded physicians who also have a strong desire to remain independent. As members of IPN, independent physicians are able to use all of IPN’s available resources at no charge.

IPN provides the keys to the independent physicians’ sustainability in a competitive market. Because of the extensive leadership skills, IPN’s extensive experience in value based contracts and knowledge represented by the Board of Directors and staff, IPN’s team understands the unique challenges and burdens of the independent practitioner. Through their leadership, management, and infrastructure expertise for contracting, quality programs, and industry resources, IPN has the tools that allow independent physicians to successfully grow their practices.

For many IPN member physicians, the main benefit of belonging to IPN is the ability to collaboratively work with other independent physician practices to manage populations of patients while maintaining the ability to establish their own values and principles in their independent practices. Through IPN’s network of physicians and specialists and access to local hospitals and free-standing clinics, member physicians have the ability to retain full control over their practices and patient care.

With IPN, member physicians have the support of a larger system without infringing on their rights as individual practitioners. IPN’s work as liaison between independent physicians and many necessary outside entities allows member physicians to do what they do best: practice medicine.

Though our rapidly changing healthcare environment may suggest that the power of the independent physician has been declining during the last few years, IPN continues to provide its member physicians with the tools to succeed independently and help them to successfully grow their businesses. At IPN, we are committed supporting and encouraging the independence of the future of medicine.

To experience the benefits of a network of like-minded, independent physicians, IPN invites you to apply today.


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