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Ratidzai Rioga


Ratidzai Rioga, M.D.

Dr. Ratidzai Rioga has been practicing pediatric medicine for over twenty years. She received her medical degree in 1989 from the University of Zimbabwe School of Medicine and completed her residency at the Allegheny University Hospital, Hahnemann Division in 1996. Dr. Rioga has been a member of IPN for over seventeen years and also serves as a member of the Credentialing Committee.


Personal Statement

Dr. Rioga has spent her career working in independent pediatric clinics and values the ability to have full control over her practice. This independent control allows her to foster close relationships with her patients. For Dr. Rioga, the main benefit of belonging to IPN is the ability to establish these values and principles in her independent practice.

As a firm believer in lowering the costs of health care for all, Dr. Rioga feels it is important other physicians join IPN to collectively work together to lower the overall costs of health care. With the ability to refer patients to independent facilities rather than larger medical groups, Dr. Rioga has found that IPN has been very cost effective for her patients, saving them upwards of 80% on their medical costs.


Why You should Join IPN

Dr. Rioga recommends IPN to independent physicians because IPN allows physicians to further their practices without the constraints and limitations that may be imposed by non-compete agreements at major hospitals. She appreciates that IPN offers favorable contracts with many insurance companies, and she also appreciates that IPN physicians have the ability to negotiate health care costs through payment plans and discounts that are not offered within major hospitals.

It is one of Dr. Rioga’s goals to continue working with IPN to help keep the cost of quality health care down, especially for underserved or uninsured patients.


Having full control of my practice and maintaining close relationships with
my patients are two things that I value most.

Ratidzai Rioga, M.D.

Ratidzai Rioga, M.D.



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