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Nancy Bratanow, M.D.


Nancy Bratanow, M.D.

Dr. Nancy Bratanow has specialized in Pain Management and Anesthesiology for more than thirty years. She is Board Certified in Pain Medicine, Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Subspecialty of Pain Medicine. She has been a member of IPN for more than ten years and currently serves as the Chair of the Credentialing Committee. Dr. Bratanow received her medical degree from the University of Wisconsin Medical School, Madison. She was in academic medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin for twenty years and served as the Director of the Pain Management Center and Pain Fellowship, and as a Palliative Care attending physician.

Currently, Dr. Bratanow is in private practice at Midwest Comprehensive Pain Care. Dr. Bratanow believes in treating patients with an interdisciplinary approach, including interventional techniques and medication management. She’s nationally active with the American Board of Pain Medicine and American Academy of Pain Medicine, and she is also an advocate for the continuation of multidisciplinary pain care.


Why I joined IPN

Dr. Bratanow joined IPN because it is a voice and advocate for independent physicians. IPN allows independent physicians to retain their autonomy and acts as their collective voice in the large, competitive healthcare environment. As an organization, IPN helps independent physicians customize the care of individual patients utilizing their unique skills. For Dr. Bratanow, IPN serves to promote the essence Personalized Medical Care.

Due to the highly-trained and knowledgeable staff, IPN is an excellent resource for independent physicians. Member physicians can stay updated and aware of the latest regulatory changes, and because IPN raises the member physicians’ ability to adapt to said changes quickly, they can continue successfully providing excellent care for their patients.

Going forward, Dr. Bratanow will work with IPN to continue informing independent physicians of changes and allowing them to work for their patients in flexible and creative ways. Because of the quickness changes may be implemented, no matter what the size of their practices, independent physicians can customize the time spent with patients and optimize the care they give.

Nancy Bratanow, M.D.



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