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Hector Lopez


Hector Lopez, M.D.

Dr. Hector M. Lopez has specialized in Family Practice care for over twenty-eight years, and now he also serves as IPN’s Medical Director. He has been a member of IPN for twenty-two years. Dr. Lopez completed his pre-med studies and received his medical degree from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras in 1991. He completed his residency at St. Luke’s Hospital, Wisconsin before beginning his solo practice at Milwaukee Family Practice.

Why I joined IPN

Dr. Lopez initially joined IPN for the simple reason that over his entire career as a physician, his goal has been to provide the best care to his patients and his community. For Dr. Lopez, being an independent physician is the best way to achieve this goal. Dr. Lopez suggests that being a member of IPN is a perfect fit for those independent practitioners who want to continue the tradition of delivering exceptional, affordable patient care to benefit the entire community.

A membership with Independent Physicians Network offers support and promotes independent physicians at different stages in their careers in many ways. For those physicians who wish to become independent practitioners, whether they are recent medical school graduates or physicians who have been in employed positions, IPN offers support in developing their own independent practices. IPN provides many services and resources to member physicians to assure better management of their patients, including health care practice tools to provide support and guidance with purchasing, electronic medical records systems, billing systems, and practice administration

Why You should Join IPN

Though our rapidly changing health care environment may suggest that the power of the independent physician has been declining during the last few years, Dr. Lopez notes that IPN continues to provide its member physicians the tools to succeed independently and helps them to successfully grow their businesses. At IPN, we are committed supporting and encouraging the independence of the future of medicine.


I joined the IPN for a very simple reason . . . my goal has always been to
provide the best care to my patients and my community.

Hector Lopez, M.D.

Board President and Medical Director


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