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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ELF?

ELF is an electronic link that will allow users to access the State EDS System (thru IPN) to verify Medicaid eligibility for Wisconsin BadgerCare, Medicaid and SSI members. This system will also identify the managed health plan the member is associated with. Other links available on ELF are My Choice Wisconsin, UHC Community Plan, UHC Medicare, and DHS Medicaid.


What does ELF cost?

It’s FREE to our member physicians.


How can I get ELF?

You can request access to ELF by contacting Leah at 414-771-6177, Ext 118. The system setup and training will be handled over the phone. Estimated time for setup and training for one connection is between 15-20 minutes. For any additional questions regarding ELF access and setup, please contact Leah.


ELF Requirements:

ELF is an internet-based program that requires high speed internet service. Please note that computer networking, office writing and all other systems, connections, equipment, printers and so forth, required to connect to the system, are the sole responsibility of the physician.


Having problems with ELF or need more Medicaid lookups:

Contact Leah, Grant or Christian at 414-771-6177 for assistance.


Check out the ELF Manual


COVID-19 Resources: For all COVID-19 related resources, please click here.

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