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Samir Mullick


Samir Mullick, M.D.

Dr. Samir Mullick is a board-certified pediatrician who has been practicing for more than twenty-one years in Milwaukee, WI. Dr. Mullick received his medical degree from All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Dehli, India, then completed a residency in Roosevelt Hospital (Columbia University) and a Fellowship in Hematology Oncology at University of Minnesota prior to joining a private practice. Dr. Mullick has been a member of IPN for more than eighteen years; he began his association with IPN after working closely with one of its founding members, Dr. Agarwal.


Why I joined IPN

IPN brings value to Dr. Mullick’s independent practice through its ability to negotiate better payments from major insurance carriers and meeting pay-for-performance targets supporting the bottom line of practices.

Dr. Mullick also appreciates that being a member of a network like IPN grants independent physicians the power of larger corporate entities while retaining autonomy. By connecting independent providers together through IPN’s referral network, independent physicians support and strengthen each other’s practices. IPN has been instrumental in creating the largest independent ACO in Southeastern Wisconsin.

With the everchanging nature of the healthcare field, IPN also has many tools to provide independent physicians with a great deal of guidance and support. IPN recognizes the importance of helping independent physicians navigate things like compliance and regulatory issues, billing, and practice management.


Why You should Join IPN

Being an independent physician is important to Dr. Mullick. Though establishing one’s own independent practice may appear daunting at first, Dr. Mullick assures other physicians it does pay off after a few years. With the help of IPN, physicians can sooner dictate their own terms in their own independent practices.

One of Dr. Mullick’s goals is to help IPN continue its support of existing and new independent practitioners, including providing a strong infrastructure for new physicians just finishing school or those coming to independent practices after leaving larger systems.


With all the new support with billing and practice management tools, IPN has a lot to offer.

Image: Samir Mullick, M.D., Director at Independent Physicians Network

Samir Mullick, M.D.



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