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Quality Improvement Program

Quality Improvement Program

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IPN’s Quality Improvement Program is a comprehensive program incorporating processes related to health care delivery and service to its enrollees. Its purpose is to monitor, evaluate, and improve the provision of quality of health care services, ensure patient safety, and increase enrollee access rates to medical services.

IPN’s mission is to develop, protect, and enhance the capability of member physicians to maintain a quality practice. Over the past twenty years, IPN has successfully demonstrated this mission through services that provide high quality healthcare at an effective cost for its patients.

IPN takes many actions to improve the overall health of its patients and lower their healthcare costs. By working with physicians and implementing patient outreach programs, IPN helps to identify and proactively treat patients to increase to improve compliance with preventive services, to increase transitions of care, to improve the treatment of chronic diseases, and to identify those with high-risk diagnoses.

IPN’s Quality Improvement Program utilizes specific indicators for performance monitoring and improvement initiatives have been established based on the analysis and in relation to the important aspects of care and service IPN enrollees. These indicators include clinical aspects of care, quality of care, preventive medical screenings and services, access and availability of services, utilization management, medical record documentation, site reviews, patient safety and provider education.

IPN has monitors in place to review clinical quality, access, and preventive health initiatives. IPN works with its physicians to standardize processes across all contracted health plan populations.  Clinical studies and QI monitors are designed to include the high-risk populations.

While the consolidation of the healthcare industry isolates the  independent practitioners, IPN unifies its independent physicians and contracted providers and promotes them individually through a supportive network that enables each practitioner to improve their overall outcomes from their patients. Because IPN unites independent physicians and providers, being a member of IPN is a perfect network for those who want to continue the tradition of delivering exceptional, affordable patient care to benefit the entire community.

To experience the benefits of a network of like-minded, independent physicians, IPN invites you to apply today.


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