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Waleed S. Najeeb


Waleed Najeeb, M.D.

Dr. Waleed S. Najeeb specializes in Internal Medicine and has been a practicing physician for more than twenty-five years. He has been a member of IPN for twenty years and serves as chair of the ACCSW Management Committee and the IPN Review Committee. Dr. Najeeb completed his pre-med studies and received his medical degree from the Damascus University School of Medicine. He is a Fellow of American College of Chest Physicians and Fellow of American Academy of Sleep Medicine and member of the American Board of Pulmonary Disease, American Board of Sleep Disorder Medicine, and American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Najeeb has spend the last eighteen years as the Medical Director of the multi-specialty practice Medpoint Clinics.


Why I joined IPN

For Dr. Najeeb, being an independent physician and maintaining the autonomy to decide the best course of action to suit the needs of his patients has always been important. Throughout his medical career, Dr. Najeeb has witnessed many changes. While the health care industry has evolved so that independent practitioners have fewer tools and resources to effectively treat patient populations, Dr. Najeeb recognizes that IPN unifies independent physicians and promotes them individually through a supportive network that enables each practitioner to improve their overall outcomes from their patients.

As competing health care organizations continue to encroach on independent physician practices, now more than ever, independent physicians must band together as a unified front to ensure the continued successful care of patients while maintaining the autonomous control of their practices. With the combined power and influence of many independent practitioners, IPN continues to grant their member physicians the support needed to ensure regulatory compliance, support operations, credentialing, and quality metric integration to preserve their independence and ability to provide high-quality patient care.


Why You should Join IPN

Dr. Najeeb continues to work with IPN because they continually seek and act upon opportunities to further endorse independent practices. Through revenue generation, cost cutting, and quality improvements, IPN works to help improve patient outcomes for all.


Now more than ever, independent physicians need to work together
as a united front to ensure we can successfully care for our patients.

Waleed Najeeb, M.D.

Waleed Najeeb, M.D.

VP Medical Affairs 


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